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Oct 23rd Cybercriminals target Small Medium Businesses

Cybercriminals target SMBs today because of their ever-growing dependency on data and because SMBs typically rely on weaker cybersecurity solutions. This reality simply encourages crooks to evolve their tactics and attack. Why do you need to choose a cloud backup solution? 24 percent of organizations chose cost savings as the primary reason to ... Read More »

Sept 9th YubiKey 5C NFC Officially launched

Today is the day that many of our YubiFans have been waiting for — Yubico’s latest form factor, the YubiKey 5C NFC, is here! It’s the first security key featuring dual USB-C and near-field communication (NFC) connections in addition to multiple authentication protocols, including PIV for smart card login. As one of our most long-awaited and ... Read More »